Lucy Songs (for sera bilezikian) (2004)


1. summer car trip, a moment past comfortable

2. a heap of broken images (laura’s sophomore year videos)
Aqua Net
Muddy rain
Naked lawn
Belly rings
Dirty sex
Painted lace, poetry…
Poetry! Write me some poetry!
Give me your Aqua Net! (NO!)
[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…]
Yes! “Yellow stain of love…”
[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!]
“Miss Lucy had a steamboat! The steamboat had a bell!
Miss Lucy went to heaven and the steamboat went to—“
[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!]
Harlem rainbows
Visual noise
The kids outside screaming, “it’s a long way down!”
Your doorslam, prism tears
Your early morning felt-tipped heart
“Yellow stain of love…”
[Ha ha!]
I lay next to you when you were sick
And I made you laugh until you begged me, “No! No! It hurts, it hurts! Stop making me laugh!”
Your stain is now upon me…
But I am so much braver than you,

3. static on the bridge (d.d.d.)
(“Fear death by water…fear death by water…”)
(“I see crowds of people, walking round in a ring…I could not speak, and my eyes failed”)
Sometimes I look at you
When you’re not aware
And you’re driving a car
Or fixing your hair
And I feel so much love for you
I want to burst
(“By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept
Sweet Thames, run softly til I sing my song
Oed’ und leer das meer…”)
I watch you lying
On the ground
I want to touch you
But I can’t.
(“Here’s to a girl that everyone knows is real!
And she didn’t just leave!
She got away!
But June is not summer…June is not summer…June is not summer at all!”)

4. shantih

May 7, 2004 (premiere): Karen Feder and Alarm Will Sound, Skirball Center for the Arts, NYC