I’m so thrilled to announce that my first solo album, DONT LOOK BACK, is now available on Innova Recordings! You can also access it on iTunes Music and stream it on Spotify.

This is a labor of love 5+ years in the making, a mixtape of the past decade of my thinking (and feeling) through issues of music and trauma, and a project that I could not have accomplished without the brilliance of so many cherished friends and collaborators (see distinguished list below). Please check it out wherever you consume music, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for the announcement of an upcoming album-release listening party in NYC this fall.

Much gratitude to Megan Schubert, P. Lucy McVeigh, Amanda Crider, Jessica Schmitz, Eileen Mack, Andrew Delclos, Todd Reynolds, Peter Gregson, David Russell, Melinda Menezes, Lisa Liu, Dan Kozak, Isabelle ‘Izzy’ O’Connell, Eliko Akahori, Jake Penn Kozak, Jude Traxler, Nathaniel Berman, Adam Weiner, Ryan Streber, and Sue Visakowitz!