IMPORTANT UPDATE: Anyone who knows about making art knows that the process is crazy, unpredictable, and often important decisions are made at the last moments before presentation. For this piece, it was decided that the audio that Daniela and I created together this past weekend is ultimately destined for a different project. So, please go and see her *incredible* piece tomorrow, sans audio (it doesn’t need it…) and stay tuned for a super duper exciting series of projects that she and I are developing as we speak.

I am so thrilled to begin a series of collaborations with my Wellesley colleague Daniela Rivera, a supremely wonderful artist who is also a musician with great sensitivity to sounds.

Our first collaboration–a reprise of Daniela’s astounding piece “Shooting Skies,” with my contribution of a two-channel audio soundtrack embedded into one of her bullet-holed paintings, will open this Friday, December 2, 2016 from 6-8 PM at the Samson Gallery in Boston. Please join us!

Our next collaboration (happening in early spring 2017) will be even more involved and exciting. Stay tuned for details!