The initial inspiration for ASLEEP ALL DAY, for amplified piano trio and 4-channel electronics, was a line from the wonderful poet Mary Pinard’s “grief, for a long time sound”:

“she has found listening to music embodies the living: it’s his body again in the thickness of sound, he’s on the blue leather couch, dozing, he will be stirring.”

I grew up in an apartment with a blue leather couch, and have watched many loved ones dozing upon it. I therefore composed this music about falling asleep in front of the television on hot summer days, and dreaming–specifically, about sailing on blue water (blue couches) to beautiful, far-away places–while the strange, bizarre juxtapositions of TV sounds, fragments of 80s songs about sailing and water, and interjections from the maritime-themed show “Dawson’s Creek” swirl chaotically in the background. It is a love song to memories of water, memories of dreaming, and memories of watching loved ones dream.

When I finished composing this piece in late March 2017, I learned more about the poet Mary Pinard: she tragically lost her brother in a freak boating accident. The fact that I did not know this about her, and yet wrote music that her poetry inspired about boating and water, strikes me now as less the coincidence it initially seemed, and more an instance of intense personal resonance, between her harrowing experiences of grief, and my own quiet ones.

Premiered April 17, 2017 at Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA. Lois Shapiro, piano; Gabby Diaz, violin; David Russell, cello; Jenny Olivia Johnson, electronics