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“How frail the human heart must be —
a throbbing pulse, a trembling thing —
a fragile, shining instrument
of crystal, which can either weep,
or sing”

-Sylvia Plath

I am extremely excited to announce that my interactive sound installation, “GLASS HEART: BELLS FOR SYLVIA PLATH” (2013) will be featured at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s One Life: Sylvia Plath show, starting Friday, June 30, 2017. The show was curated by Dorothy Moss, and will display many rare artifacts from Plath’s childhood and early life–which especially moves me, as the poetry I used to compose the music for this installation (“I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt”) dates from when Plath was just 14 years old.

Please come see the exhibition if you’re in DC! It will be up for nearly a year, closing in May 2018. And stay tuned for a special event I’m hoping to organize to celebrate the show!