IKTUS premieres “CASINO”

On June 1, the IKTUS Percussion Quartet premiered CASINO (STUDY ON THE OCEANIC FEELING), my recent installation-style composition for tape, 4 percussionists, and audience members (each of whom are offered tuned wine glasses and candles and asked to wander around the space, contributing to the sound of the piece as they see fit). Given the experimental nature of the piece, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought the “performance” (I might instead prefer the word “experience”) went really well. Fortunately, the entire program was conceived around notions of ritual, which was exactly the kind of atmosphere I was hoping to evoke. The audience was also warm and willing to participate, and seemed excited to become part of the sounds being made; I even heard one audience member singing quietly to herself as she passed me by.

Many thanks to IKTUS and all the other composers for a very cool show!