2012 Avant Music Festival

I am thrilled to announce that four of my recent works for voice, chamber ensemble, and electronics will be featured on the 2012 Avant Media New Music Festival on February 15, 2012 in New York City! Soprano Megan Schubert will premiere a new piece I composed for the festival in response to Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, which will also be on the program (can’t wait!), and will also sing a revision of a piece I wrote for her in 2007, called “Cutter”–an intense portrait of teen angst that incorporates harmonic language inspired by 80s movies and metal bands. The concert will also feature mezzo-soprano Lucy McVeigh, who will perform the New York premiere of “Starling” (which I wrote for her in May 2011) and my 2006 epic pop song “Dollar Beers,” which she recently sang with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project in Dec 2010. Should be a fantastic night! Please come if you can!

This is the first opportunity I’ve ever had to present multiple pieces of mine on one concert, and I’m thrilled to be able to group these four works together, as they each offer portraits of young teenagers facing overwhelming memories and experiences. All four pieces also deliberately avoid straightforward narrative, focusing instead on the emotional textures and static imagery that often accompany experiences of love, violation, loss, and danger. I’m especially excited to juxtapose them against Pierrot, which to me is the ideal work of musical theater: haunting, evocative, fragmentary, abstract, and filled with secrets.

The Festival also has a Kickstarter page–please consider making a donation!