My show with Avant Media–part of the 2012 Avant Media Festival–was just reviewed by Brian M. Rosen on! Check it out here.

I had a wonderful time working with this fabulous ensemble, joined by singers Megan Schubert and P. Lucy McVeigh, conductor Jeffrey Gavett, and guest percussionist Jude Traxler. It was especially gratifying to hear more than one of my pieces performed live at a time–an experience I’ve never had before, even in school. My decision to group these four distinct works (and they are, in fact, four very different works, composed at different times in my life) under the single umbrella “An After School Vespers” felt very natural to me, as I have for years now been interested in creating an album of chamber vocal works on themes of teenage angst. Yet interestingly enough, I didn’t consider the fact that grouping them this way would make the event seem like a long song cycle, rather than a gathering of disparate works with similar affective and inspirational origins. I suppose I don’t mind either way how people perceived the collection–I myself like to think of it as a mix tape, or an EP, rather than a traditional song cycle–but since this came to bear on Mr. Rosen’s (very kind and generous) review, I thought I would mention it here.

In any case: my next dream project is to actually make this album. I’ll probably call it An After School Vespers, and I’ll probably put a few more pieces on it…we’ll see. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about funding, or paths of pursuit towards professional recording projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

And again….there not enough thanks in the world to the fabulous musicians who brought these four pieces to life and proximity to one another Wednesday night!