THE AFTER TIME (2013-14), in progress

“The After Time” is a VHS opera-in-progress, recently featured at THE INDUSTRY’s “First Take” series in Los Angeles and hailed as “delicate” and “bold” by the Los Angeles Times. The story revolves around Erica, a young dancer at a women’s college who becomes infatuated with her beautiful but emotionally distant classmate, Lucy. When Lucy mysteriously falls from the roof of their dorm, suicide is suspected, but Erica–who was present at the time but cannot remember what happened–is gradually suspected of murder.


Three fragments from “The After Time” were recently performed in Los Angeles at THE INDUSTRY’s First Take series, and reviewed in the LOS ANGELES TIMES! I was thrilled about the magnificent performances by Justine Aronson as Erica, Lauren Davis as Lucy, and the wild Up Ensemble with conductor Marc Lowenstein. Many thanks to the brilliant director Yuval Sharon for such an amazing opportunity!

I’m definitely behind in posting about this, but last August I had a really wonderful experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia, participating in the Opera from Scratch festival with the vibrant and inspiring singer/performer Janice Jackson. The piece I contributed–titled, for the purpose of this festival, THE AFTER TIME, is definitely a work in progress, but I’m grateful to have begun developing it with two very talented singers, Nicole London and Alondra Vega-zaldivar, along with the truly excellent accompanist Simon Docking.

I’m sharing recordings of rehearsals here, but with some trepidation, as this represents a piece I hope to flesh out into an evening-length work in a site-specific location made of infinity mirrors and evocative lighting. More on that soon. For now, my heartfelt thanks go out to the whole Opera From Scratch crew, as well as composer James Rolfe, who offered some very helpful and sensitive advice on the music.