After two years of planning, I’m finally recording an album of my music! I’m very excited to announce that the album, currently titled DON’T LOOK BACK, will be recorded at Oktaven Audio in Yonkers, NY, with engineers Ryan Streber and Jessica Slaven, August 14-16, 2014.

Please check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

I have a wonderful group of musicians booked for this as well. Conductor Nathaniel Berman of the Wild Rumpus collective will be conducting three of the pieces (“Dollar Beers,” “Cutter,” and “The After Time”) with an ensemble comprised of soprano Megan Schubert, flutist Jessica Schmitz, clarinetist Eileen Mack, violinist Todd Reynolds, cellist Peter Gregson, guitarist Lisa Liu, and percussionist Jude Traxler. Additionally, the three original musicians for whom I wrote “Pilot”–mezzo-soprano P. Lucy McVeigh, bassoonist Andrew Delclos, and pianist Eliko Akahori–will be joined in the studio by mezzo-soprano Amanda Crider to record it. Finally, the album will include a remixed and remastered recording of my piece “Starling” for mezzo-soprano P. Lucy McVeigh and cellist David Russell.

I hope very much that you’ll consider backing my project–I have some very cool rewards in place, including several opportunities to contribute your own artwork and provide feedback on the rough mixes.

Thanks a million for your support!